Wednesday, January 20, 2010


I am still here!
Again, life has been happening.
I was sick at the beginning of last week with my throat.
Then, early Wednesday morning, my father-n-law was rushed
to the ER in Jackson, MS (where the sis-n-law lives) and he stayed until
today. We went Wednesday night, and came home last night. So, I have not been able to post some things I have wanted. And I am still playing catch-up, so it may be later still that I can write some of these things. I have made a list though!!! It's good to be home. My sis-n-law does not have a coffeepot.

I know.
It's horrible!
And they bought caffiene free Pepsi.
And drink caffiene free tea.
Yeah. Really.

Seriously, it is great to be home, as always. I have been doing laundry and unpacking, and trying to get my ducks in a row. But soon I will be back with more! Is that a threat or a promise?!?!?

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