Saturday, January 23, 2010

Easy as PIE!

This is my first ever attempt at making pie!
And I know that is sad, but it's true.
I had a dear friend of mine give me a big ole bag
of sweet potatoes, and we are not really crazy about them.
Our Pastor's birthday party is at church tomorrow, and on the
menu was sweet potato pie, so I signed up for 2!
So I called my mom (who makes pie all the time) and cried help!!!
This is her recipie.
I'm not really that great of a cook, or a baker,
but I am learning.
Typically you wouldn't find this on my blog.
But, we'll see.

First I mashed 'em up.
No, first I washed them, cooked them, peeled them,
then I mashed' em up.
Then I added a few ingredients...

Then I cheated, and had Marie Callender make the crust.

Mixed it all together and put it in the oven!!!

And I was left with this!
And this...

Learn something new everyday!!!

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