Friday, October 8, 2010

Happy Birthday Na-Na!

My Na-Na is a jewel!

Last night for her birthday, D, N, and myself offered to take her any where in Baldwin County for supper. After hearing a little boy in the back say, "Oh, oh, try Burger King Na-Na, let's try Burger King." Na-na calmly states, "I believe I'd like Burger King!"

Typically, her Burger King meal consists of a buck double burger, and a senior soda. Last night, she ordered a meal, and when they handed her the cup, she almost fainted, and said I may have to help her finish it!!! bahahaha. Anywho, she finally finished her meal, and the cashier at Burger King gave Na-Na a free piece of pie too!!! It was so sweet.

And would you believe I was so caught up in the moment that I didn't even take a picture! For shame. Then, Na-Na said, "Let's go ride to the pier and the duck pond (Na-Na lives in Fairhope!) and let Noah see all the ducks!" He was in heaven!

Then we had to take her home because she was very tired!!!
And we wish her many more!
She is also the only person I know that can go to a grocery store, buy Heinz Ketchup (the 40 oz.), Oscar Meyer hotdogs, store brand buns, and a head of Dole lettuce and pay $0.82!!!

Still the champion!!!
I love you Na-Na!

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  1. Sweet! I need her to show me some grocery shopping tips! Noah really favors her!