Thursday, October 7, 2010

A Revelation

God has been using the seasons to show me different things about Him.
This year, Fall has been the time!

Everywhere I turn around, I am reading about fall, or seeing pictures of fall, or hearing mention of fall.

God has merely showed me that this is a time to feel the refreshing of God. Also, it's harvest time. In the past I've barely given notice to fall, other than for football...hehe...but this year, it's been something I cannot get away from.

The refreshing of God.

Now, I know that Spring is the time for birth, and renewal and such, but refreshing is more in the sense of after the heat and work of summer, it's time for the refreshing.
And the harvest is plenty!!!

God, thank You for showing me Your ways, and for this revelation You have given me.


Thank You! Amen!

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