Tuesday, September 29, 2009

One month!

Absolutely not believing it has been one month since she left us!
And, she would've had a birthday on this Thursday.
Guess Jesus can make her a cake!!!
Or maybe her mom, or her grandma!!!
Just so ya'll get it right....she likes chocolate!!!
Aunt Ruby would have a fit if she knew I put this picture on the internet!
But I love it, and she's doesn't even know about it!!!
The day this picture was taken, we were planning my parents'
25th Wedding Anniversary Party.
I got all kinds of old(er) pictures of my parents from Aunt Ruby.
They were so 80s. Wait, it was the 80s.
Anyway, I still love you Aunt Ruby.
And, everyone misses you greatly!!!
You'd be proud of how I am helping Phil with the Chowdren!!!
I love you Aunt Ruby!!!

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