Thursday, September 3, 2009

From Aunt Ruby's Sweet Girl!

Ruby Darlene Reed Shumate Anderson

October 1, 1953-August 29, 2009

Aunt Ruby was more than my aunt. She was my best friend.

She was my second mom.

Not that mom isn't always there, and hasn't always been,

but this was a different kind of bond.

And, I did all sorts of fun things with Aunt Ruby in 24 years.

And, I did all sorts of ordinary things with her too!

When my mom had to work (which by the way makes her the best!),

Aunt Ruby would try to include me in the things she'd be doing

with her kids and grandkids.

She selflessly kept my child for a year and a half while I worked,

and many other times before and since then.
She was there to talk about important things,

she was there to talk about the weather.

She was always there.

Now she's not.

Now, she's in heaven.

She's with her parents, and her youngest daughter.

Aunts and uncles.

Friends and family.

And most of all...

She is with King Jesus!

Aunt Ruby has her victory!!!

She no longer knows pain, tears, or hurt.

She only knows happy, joy, and peace.

A peace that surpasses our understanding.

She no longer hurts physically.

She no longer has heartaches.

I have heartache right now.

This is going to be super hard to get through.

I am so happy for Aunt Ruby though.

She has her crown!!!

I did not have to watch her get old and feeble.

Her spirit and will to live never disappeared.

She was active until the end.

Sending e-mails and e-cards around 30 minutes before going to see the Lord.

And now, she is rejoicing with all the angels.

Times will be rough for me.

If it's this bad for me, I know her that her



great grand daughter,



and all of her family and friends

will have worse days than me.

But, I am just trying hard to be strong.

And to celebrate her victory.

Did I mention she has a crown?!?!?!

Lord, Comforter, Alpha and Omega, Jehovah Jireh:

Thank You so very much for giving us Aunt Ruby.

She's more than any of us deserved.

She had no enemies on this earth,

Other than THE enemy, who stayed after her!

Thank You for the love she showed us.

That's the love You have had for her.

Thank You for her children and grandchildren.

Thank You for her husband.

I know that You do not mess up.

That You have a reason for everything that happens, for such a time is this.

Thank You for taking her from Glory to Glory to Glory!

Thank You for the promise of eternal life You have given us.

I know that Aunt Ruby will have eternal life and peace with You, Our Maker.

You know what You are doing, and I am trusting that.

Thank You for being my hiding place, and shelter.

Thank You for giving me and my family peace.

Father, thanks a million!!!

In JESUS name, Amen.

Aunt Ruby, I love you so very much. I will never forget all of our happy times,

nor will I forget the sad times. You were simply the best.

Your joy and smile were contagious.

And you had a smile even when you could have had a frown.

You never let anything or anyone defeat you!

I am so happy I got to know you.

I even thanked God for it!

You know we were close,

and you know what you meant to me!

I love you Aunt Ruby!

Love, Aunt Ruby's Sweet Girl!!!

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