Friday, September 11, 2009

September 11

I will always remember the tragedy that struck our nation on September 11, 2001. I was in Chemistry class when one of our assistant principals came by and talked privately to our teacher for a minute, then told her to go ahead and turn the t.v. on so we could see it for our self. I, being a high school student who really didn't keep up with current events, did not understand the importance of what I was seeing. I was just happy we got out of our work for that day! All day. Every class room had the scenes playing, and replaying for the entire day. Our Trade Center Towers were up in flames. Now, especially as a fire fighter's wife, I definitely see the importance, and I definitely see the sacrifices made on that day. And, I wish I would have cared more at the time. I had no idea how that was going to affect me or the country I lived in, after all, that was in New York, not Alabama! The Saturday night after that, our football team played their game, and the band (which I was in) played a patriotic half-time show. I still hear people mention the time Robertsdale had the patriotic show. I played Yankee Doodle on my piccolo, along with another piccolo player and a snare drummer keeping the beat, and was and still am honored to have participated in that!

Also, all of these events remind me of past wars. A man who lives two doors down from me got in that Agent Orange stuff in Vietnam, and now he doesn't have a larynx, which means he cannot smell, swallow, or talk. He has a microphone he holds to his throat now anytime he needs to say anything. What a sacrifice!!! Two of my uncles were also in Vietnam, and I think at least one or two of my husband's uncles were too. One of my uncles worked on an aircraft carrier, he actually worked on the planes, but he stayed on the ship. The other one worked in the doctor's tent, like on MASH. Amazing. My grandfather proudly served in Korea. So did one of my husband's uncles. Derrick's uncle was even wounded while in Korea. Brave! One of Derrick's cousins has been to Iraq twice now too. I really have a whole new respect for anyone who has ever been to war. And I have a whole new respect for those who serve here in America. What a sacrifice and struggle. It's more than just a uniform. There's a person under that.

Same thing goes for firefighters and policemen. I think my husband is so brave for being a firefighter. He's had to see some unfortunate things. Bad wrecks, fires, deaths. He saw a baby who drowned. He heard a man repenting of his sins at a wreck, just to find out he died en route to the hospital. He was there to try and help my aunt too. He luckily hasn't had to rescue anyone from a burning building. He's been to lots of fires, but luckily no fatalities or rescues there. But, lots of men and women all across the nation and world do have to see these things. Way more than our town's volunteer dept. You volunteer to be a firefighter, everything else is mandatory! Derrick has a lot of degrees from the Alabama Fire College. He has taken the Basic EMT course at the University of South Alabama. I am so proud of him for all of this. It takes someone special to care about others' lives and homes as much as you do your own. He selflessly tries to help any way possible at every call. That's 110%, and that's brave! Thanks firefighters and police!!!

September 11, 2001, not forgotten!!!

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