Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Happy Birthday to my Mommy!

So, my mom's birthday was September 25, and we (my siblings, my dad, and myself)
decided it'd be great fun to surprise her with a party.
So we did, and it was!!!
My sister made a lasagna,
I made a cake,
and we had a blast.
We wanted to get mom something nice for her birthday.
And a while back, I asked her to sew something for me,
and she fussed that she'd have to do it by hand because her machine was broken.
It's right at 39 years old, and she called about having it repaired,
and it's $80.00 just for them to look at it, then whatever other costs came up.
here is the proud owner of a brand new Singer!!!

Happy Birthday Mom!!!
From all of your children and grandchildren!
We love you!!!

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