Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Whom the Son sets free...

...is free indeed! It's time to remember how she lived, instead of thinking about how she died.
It is very hard to adapt this thinking, but it is best.
This whole experience has been eye opening for sure!
And on a lot of levels.
But it's time to let God be God.
I found a song that I like, and that is appropriate:
When I die, don't cry for me.
In my Father's arms I'll be.
The wounds of this world left on my soul,
Will all be healed and I'll be whole.
Sun and moon will be replaced,
With the light of Jesus's face.
And I will not be ashamed,
For my Savior knows my name.
It don't matter where you bury me,
I'll be home, and I'll be free!!!
It don't matter where I lay,
All of my tears will be washed away.
Gold and silver blind the eye,
Temporary riches lie.
Come and eat from Heaven's store,
Come and drink, and thirst no more.
So weep not for me, my friend,
When my time below does end.
For my life belongs to Him,
Who will raise the dead again!!!
~~~~All my tears- by Selah.~~~~
So, I know she's happy.
I know she's free.
I know she's got her crown.
I know she's got victory.
(That rhymed...maybe I could write a song!)
And as hard as this has been on my and our family,
I really am happy for her.
I have to "move on"... so to speak.
But it stinks knowing I can't call her.
I can't visit her.
No more stories from her.
No more stories to tell her.
But, I'll be o.k.
By and By.
She is in the Sweet Forever!
And one day, I will be too!
I still want to know what happened.
That would help give me peace about it all.
But until then,
I am counting on my Savior to give me peace,
and guidance.
I'll probably change some things,
Aunt Ruby was always telling me to
"be sweet."
Maybe I will......
she was.
In conclusion,
Whom the Son sets free is free indeed!!!

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