Monday, October 12, 2009

Old Forgotten Blog!!!

It's not that I have forgotten my blog....I just have no time for it all of a sudden! SO many things have happened, and I wouldn't have ever been able to blog it all. Noah was very sick with this awful cold/hives....yes, hives. And then Derrick's parents came down from TN way earlier than I expected, which is awesome, but time consuming!
We will have a very busy week this week.....
Derrick's birthday dinner tonight
Noah's open house at school Tuesday night
Bible College Wed. night...and Derrick turns 39 on Wednesday!!!
Thursday....nothing that I know of...yet.
Friday I am helping my in-laws with a yard sale
Saturday, my hubby and I will be in Tuscaloosa if you need us!
So, it will be very busy for us!!!
Just as the other weeks have been. And will continue to be probably!
I love and miss you blog!!! Hahaha.

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