Friday, August 28, 2009

What could it be?

Well, it's a Build-A-Bear box.
But, what's inside it is a long, long story!!!

There's nothing like getting a phone call from your husband on a Monday morning like this:
Me: Hello.
D: Hey. What are ya'll doing?
Me: Oh, nothing, just straightening up around here.
D: Well, I need you to come to me, I have a baby in the truck with me you need to come get!
Me: A baby?!?!?
D: Yep. A baby.
Me: Wait a minute, a baby what?
D: A baby squirrel!
Me: Okay, tell me where to meet you.
So, Noah and I met him with the Build-A-Bear box, and picked up the squirrel, and the adventure began!!!

The poor little guy was scared to death, but I do believe I was even


But, after Derrick came home and the neighbor loaned us a cage,things got better. Our neighbor actually has a friend who has had squirrels before as pets, so he was a lot of help.

When Noah and I first got the squirrel (name yet to be decided!) Derrick and I were discussing what squirrels might eat. Noah then answered:

Squirrels eat corn mom!

He knows this because Grammie has squirrel feeders at her house with corn cobs on them!Well, we couldn't hardly catch the crazy beast, let alone feed it.So, long story short, we finally found out he can eat out of a medicine dropper, and he likes....


My niece surprised me the most. She was not the least bit afraid of him.Aunt T on the other hand was a little skiddish at first, but I got over it!!!

We asked Noah what the squirrel's name is and he said, "Ho-Ho's sleigh!"

Derrick wants to name him Alvin (like Alvin and the chipmunks.)

Felicity (my neice) wants to name him Honey because of his hair color.

I'm still undecided!!!

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