Wednesday, August 19, 2009


This past Monday, Noah and I had the honor of being treated to a day at
Grammie (my mom) took us!!!
Noah had a blast, and between the three of us...
He won 700 tickets and a bag of cotton candy!
Plus he had a pizza!
We went in and I took a few pictures, then I said I'd go put my
camera up, because I didn't want it getting messed up.
Well, a while later...
Chuck-E-Cheese himself came out!
Noah ran right up to him and hugged him.
And Chuck-E-Cheese loved Noah too!
Chuck-E gave Noah five, a thumbs up, a hug,..........
and even played a basketball game with Noah!
Then Chuck-E-Cheese had to go see other boys and girls,
in the meantime, Noah went and put his money in the basketball
game again, and said, "Chuck-E-Cheese, I'm over here!"
It was priceless!
Thanks Grammie!!!
Here's a picture of Noah playing his favorite game!And here is his favorite part!
He and Grammie played the race car game!
And Noah's other favorite...the monster truck game!

Thanks again Grammie!

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