Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Couple of funnies

A couple of funny things I have heard lately!
  • Our pastor: "He who findeth a good wife findeth a good thing. He who findeth a bad wife, well, he's just found a thing!"
  • Me: "What are you watching Noah?"
  • Noah: "Mr. Roger's Hood."
  • Derrick: "Noah, do you want a knuckle sandwich?" (Playfully)
  • Noah: "Daddy, do you want a butter sandwich?"
  • Me: "Noah, it's time to lay down now, pick out the books you want me to read."
  • Noah: "No thanks Mom, you go read the books to Daddy now! I'll stay awake!"
  • Me: "Noah, you know it's time. Mom will read to you first then Daddy."
  • Noah: "Okay Mom, maybe, sometimes."

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