Sunday, August 23, 2009

Vitejte v Ceske Republice

Our church's childrens' ministry had a fund-raiser after church today called, "A taste of the world." Everyone brings a dish from a different country, and for a donation of any amount, the people from the church get to eat a serving of food from each country, therefore getting "a taste of the world." Well, all of the easy countries were taken soon. America, Spain, Mexico, Italy, etc. so, I after careful consideration, picked the Czech Republic. (Czechoslavokia). My husband's family is from Czech. My mom's family is from Germany, but not enough that we cook their food. But, all of Derrick's family can speak and cook Czech. So, I e-mailed one of his aunts and asked her what she thought would be good. I ended up making Kolascky. They are little cookies that are filled with a fruit filling. I cut them in half so every one would have plenty (I only made about 50 of them). I was a little nervous at first, but I only brought a few home!!! I had people of all ages telling me how great they are. Even a little baby who just turned one was addicted!!! I owe a big thanks to Aunt Barb!!! THANKS! And, when she comes home....I'll be learning lots of other cool things to make! Since my husband's sister doesn't cook (literally), I'll have to carry on the Czech tradition for my mom-n-law. I thought it was really neat to be able to represent the country where they are from. I even had one lady make the comment, "Oh, Derrick's that why he looks like that?!?!" I guess she was talking about his dark complexion, and maybe the dark brown eyes, but I told her that I didn't think that came from Czechoslavokia!!! All in all, the fundraiser turned out to be a success!!! Potato Dumplings and Houska, here I come. Aunt Barb and/or Jenny.....I'm coming your way too! Thanks one more time Aunt Barb!!!

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  1. My mom's whole family, and most of my dad's family are Czech. We do our kolacky differently than that, though. lol It's one of my favorite foods in the whole world, and there are only a few people outside of my family who even know what it is... they're sooo missing out!