Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Hermie and Wormie

Some of you may remember reading about Hermie and Wormie the caterpillars.
Well, thanks to Noah, who everyday made sure they had fresh grass,
and sprayed their jar with a water bottle
Both Hermie and Wormie changed into
beautiful Moths!
So, we let them go, outside of course.
Noah did not want to let these little guys go.
It was very hard to convince him that they'd be better off.
Now, he wants to find more caterpillars.
He liked holding them and watching them crawl around.
The above picture is Noah wondering when they will
ever be butterflies.
Below is Wormie, after "the change."
Hermie "changed" one week later.
It was kind of sad to see them go.
They lived with us almost all summer.
Noah was their main caregiver.
Be free Hermie and Wormie.
Be free.

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