Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The first day

So, August 11, 2009. First day of second year at Preschool. Next year, August 2010, my boy will be in regular kindergarten!!! When I woke Noah up, I said, "Good morning Noah, it's time for school." He popped up and said, "Good Morning Mom, I'm going to school today!!!" He ate his breakfast, got dressed and ready, then allowed me a few pictures. He was so sweet. He was so happy too. Notice the brand-new lunchbox! He was so proud.

Then we got to the front of the school, and Noah then knew it was for real! He got mad because at meet-the-teacher we made him leave. He wanted to stay that day! Anyway, we got to his class, he was super happy. I thought this year would be different and I would be strong. I thought I'd be ready for this because he'd be so happy. When it was time for goodbyes, the conversation went like this.

Mom (the strong one): " Good-bye Noah."
Noah (While starting to cry): "No, mom, Noah not go good-bye!"
Mom (starting to tear up too): "Noah, you are going to stay, and Mom is going to leave."
Noah (No more tears): "Oooohhhhhh, Noah stay and you go. Okay, bye mom."
Mom (trying not to lose it!): "Bye Noah. I love you."
Noah (the cute one): "Bye Mom. I love you Mom. Noah play games and have fun."

I didn't just boo-hoo cry like that first time I left him (he went from March to May one year). I cried an entire week about that. Then last year, I didn't do so bad. It wasn't until about day 3 of school (for him, he only went three days a week, half a day!) that I realized I missed him terribly bad. This year, as much as I thought it wouldn't bother me that bad, I was a little misty-eyed when leaving. He didn't want to say bye because he thought he was leaving. He was fine telling me bye though!!! He was ready for me to go, and to let him be a big boy!!! He's growing up on me, too fast. So, I guess I'll have to stand back and let him. Yesterday, I was told that I can just drop him off in the car-rider line instead of parking and walking him in everyday (lots of parents walk in their kids). But, the car-rider line? I insisted that I didn't mind walking him in, but his teacher said it would help him be more independent and ready for Kindergarten (which is what this class is all about!). Talk about a big boy. He had a good first day over all. After being told something that he didn't want to do, he told his teacher, "No ma'am." How funny! Not that he told her no, but that he used manners! She said when they get back after the summer, they just want to play every thing, and do their own thing, but she also tries to get them into routine as quickly as possible. Hopefully today, he won't say "no" or "no ma'am." We talked to him about that, so we'll see. I am excited for him, and happy for him still, I just hope I survive the car-rider line!!! I'm proud of you Noah, very proud of you!

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