Monday, August 9, 2010

All mixed up!

Noah at Kindergarten Registration
Noah's Daddy in Kindergarten
Noah's Mom in Kindergarten

The countdown begins, and I'm all mixed up!!!

One week from today, my little boy will go to Kindergarten!!!

He went to preschool for a year and a half, but he only went 3 days a week, and only half a day for a year of that, and when he no longer qualified for those services, (read about it here), he was mine all mine again! But now, as the first day approaches fast, I have nothing but mixed emotions. Noah is so excited, and he should be. He'll be around other children all day in a structured environment, and he'll be happy. And I am happy for him, to an extent. See, before when he went to school, still had him home two days a week, plus weekends. Now, I'll only have weekends. And before, those 2 days I had him, it was just the two of us, then the weekends, it was the three of us. So, I am obviously mixed up on the subject!!! I know he'll be happy, and having fun, it just really hit me as real today, when I realized it's just a week away! And there's no turning back!!! Wow! My sweet little man will be in Kindergarten!!!

So, now I will add his K teacher's name to my prayer list, along with the speech teacher, who he already had for a few months. I want to make sure to cover them in prayer, as I trust them with my child for this coming up year. Although, I've already heard from good accounts that his teacher is one of the best there is, and a good Christian lady.

And he'll be attending the same school that me, my dad, and several of our other family members have attended!!! That's something to be happy about.

Noah, have fun pal!

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  1. What a cute and sweet post...our children do grow up so neat that your family all went to the same school and now your son is following in your footsteps!