Tuesday, March 2, 2010


This past Sunday afternoon, my hubby was at a call with the fire department. Noah and I decided to go sit on the front porch and watch for passing fire trucks, and for Daddy to come home.
While out there the wind was blowing a little, but it was mainly warm and sunny. Well, we have 2 flags on 2 of the posts on our front porch, one from the University of Alabama, and one that is an American flag.
When the wind blows, the flags naturally blow, and sometimes it can be a bit forceful. Here is mine and Noah's conversation about it:
  • Noah: Mom, the wind is blowing.
  • Me: Yeah, it is.
  • Noah: It's loud. The flags are moving.
  • Me: Yes, sometimes it is loud when the flags blow.
  • Noah: I wish Jesus would tell them to "Be Still" like He did with Peter and the boat.
  • Me: (chuckles) That's a really good idea Noah.
My thought for the day: Sometimes I wish Jesus would tell Noah to be still!!! hahahaha!!!

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