Tuesday, March 9, 2010

True Story

Last night at our house, there was a rare scene. No one was glued to ESPN and no one was needing mom's constant attention.
D was on the computer, Noah was playing toys in his room, so I decided to take a relaxing bubble bath. I had worked hard all day, so I figured I earned it. I told D, " I'm going to take a bath now, please keep an eye on Noah." His response was, "Go ahead, close the bedroom door, lock the bathroom door, and have an hour to yourself."
So, I am in the tub, bubbles everywhere, reading a magazine, when I hear the bedroom door open, and a little knock on the bathroom door, followed by, " Noah, come here, mom's in the bath." Noah says, " Mom, are you in the bath." Me, "Yes bud, what is it?" Noah, " I can't get in!" Me, " I know. Go tell Daddy what you need." Noah then goes to D and says,
"Dad, I need the car keys." D says, " The car keys, for what?!" Noah, " I need to open the door. I need to unlock mom's door." D says, "No, do you need something or you just want to see mom?" Noah says, "I need to unlock the door." D says, "Leave mom alone for a while, she played with you all day long, let her rest."
I then heard some other rumbling between the two of them, meanwhile, you know I am getting out, half-way drying off, and I wrap the towel around me, get to the door, unlock it and crack it open to ask, "Noah, what is it?"
He replies, "Hi mom."
Then runs off to his room to play.

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