Thursday, March 18, 2010

And the savings continue.....

I drink coffee everyday of my life.

I started out with just plain cream and sugar, but once turned on to flavored cream, I haven't turned back.

I do, however, always try to get a deal on my vanilla addiction.

Usually there are coupons in the Sunday paper for 50 cents off,

which every little bit helps. I even switched from Coffee-Mate to International Delight in an attempt to save a few cents.
It's not that bad. I think I was getting a little burned out on Coffee-Mate brand anyway, so the I.D. brand isn't so bad.

But, today, I had to go by our local Winn-Dixie for a few items, and I remembered a coupon that printed out the last time I was there for $1.50 off any 16 oz. Coffee-Mate Liquid Creamer. So, I thought I'd swing the buggy over to see if it was on sale. The price on it was....
I paid a whopping $0.17 for this bottle!!!
And after I paid for my groceries, another Coffee-Mate coupon printed out! Not as good of a deal, but a coupon, on something I already use, nonetheless.
So the savings will continue....

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