Monday, March 15, 2010

Broken Dishes

Last night, after church, Noah comes running into the kitchen saying, "Come on mom, cook us supper! Don't worry, I'll help you!" So, he got the forks and napkins to set the table with, and got our drinks on the table. I'm frying bacon for BLTs. He wants heated up leftover pizza, so I heat that up. We all sit down and eat, and when we are done, Noah says, " I'll help!" And he put Derrick's plate in the sink, then he put his own plate in the sink, then he took my plate, and just threw it in the sink on top of the others. It broke right into. (I'm pretty sure I'd have a whole set of broken dishes if I counted all of the ones I've dropped and broken!) Anyway, it broke and Noah said, " Oh no mom, it was an accident." I went over to the sink and pulled out the two broken pieces, and Noah started crying and said, " Oh no mom, it's all my fault!" I told him, "It's not a big deal, just be careful when you help me clean up, because you could have gotten hurt. It's alright. Just another broken dish." And I am pretty sure he was shocked! He was waiting for the wrath to come down, but I saw no sense in it. It's just another broken dish. Like I said, I've dropped a bunch of them myself (we have 4 sets of plates!) and while it's never been a proud accompolishment or anything, we're not Greek, I just don't see the point. It's like crying over spilled milk. It doesn't "unspill" it. Just like I couldn't have "fixed" the broken plate. I never knew that I was so patient. I guess it comes with motherhood over several years. I'm not just going to allow Noah to break things, but it really was an accident. He was doing his best to help me at suppertime (he may have to have kitchen skills, I'm not sure how many women will know anything about a kitchen when Noah is marrying age!!! that's another story for another day though!) but he always tries to help me. I've never hounded him like "DO CHORES!" He is 5 years old now, he can do things, but I don't have to stay on him....I'm sure that will come too, but for now, I tell him at the end of everyday to clean his room, he does it. He helps me make his bed in the morning, he helps me in the kitchen, with the laundry, and out in the yard. And God love him, he is so willing and happy to help. I will always remember the thoughtfulness behind his actions, but I'm pretty sure I'll never be able to count the broken dishes!!!

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