Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Fun in the Sun

Noah and I had the honor of spending the day with my nephew, Anthony, on one of the prettiest days we have had this year, and we had a blast!
We spent a little over 2 hours outside, beginning with lunch on the back porch.
And if you notice the bald spot on the top of Noah's head, that's one of the two spots he decidied to cut himself!

Then sweet Baby Anthony got to work on the lawn!

Then we had to get our neighbor, a barber by trade, over to help with the bald spots effort.

We had fun in the sandbox.

Then Noah decided to give me a "Mom put the camera down and nobody gets hurt" look....... I just continued to pursue snapshots of the little guy!

He finally decided the heck with that stick, just give me the good stuff!!!

Then, after all of the business and messiness of the outdoors, it was time for a nice cleaning....

Which resulted in Anthony's version of the "Aunt T put the camera down and nobody gets hurt" look!!!

I'm super thankful I got the opportunity to keep my darling nephew.

Looking forward to next time already!

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