Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Greetings from the Holy Land

No, not Jerusalem, just TBN's "The Holy Land Experience!" And boy, did we have an experience!!! If you are ever in the Orlando, FL area (which we were for our anniversary!) you should make plans to go by the Holy Land. We had a wonderful time, and while an actual post of the whole day, complete with the 200 pictures I took, would take forty days and nights to write, I'll just hit the high points!
This guy (a wilderness tabernacle priest) came out to the street market and blew into a ram horn of some type, opening the park for the day.
While there, we visited a couple of exhibits, including the Wilderness Tabernacle, the Scriptorium, we had communion with Jesus, we saw a replica of Jerusalem at the time of Jesus, we saw several plays and productions....TBN does not disappoint...and really had an overall good time. We arrived at 10am, and left at 7pm!!! It was that good.

Over in the Smile of a Child (TBN's children's network) area, they had several Bible story sets, including.......
....the parting of the Red Sea....

......walking on the water.....

....and a couple of others that didn't make the blog cut: Zaccheus, Noah's Ark, and Jonah and the Whale.

This was a beautiful dedication to the Garden of Gethsemane.
Then we went to one of the plays : Behold the Lamb
It was very real, graphic, and moving.
And it was a beautiful sun-shiney day, until the part where they raised up the cross, then the clouds came (real ones!) then at the end, they disappeared.
In the end, everything turns out ok, of course, He is not here, for He is risen!!!

Here's me and Derrick, and well, you know, the big guy!

Here we are in the Reflection Garden. It was gorgeous, and nice to sit down!

This is a lake, and behind it, the Scriptorium, which is a 55 minute tour on the history of the Bible. Derrick thinks I should sell this to TBN for a postcard!!!

Oh, and it's hard to see in the above picture, but on the other side of the lake, the hedges spelled out He is Risen! It's behind the water fall.

Oh yeah, they had this little place where you could dress up like a king or queen, and Derrick and I were going to do it, we were behind this little 94 year old granny. She said she wanted to make her picture with Derrick, since he's so young. Her family guessed he was about 25, what's that make me....10?

Here's Derrick with his real queen....

And their Grand Finale was nothing short of amazing. They had angels come in and dance, then blow the horns, announcing the way for King Jesus.
That's his robe!!! And to the right of the picture is the head Roman Soldier who beat Him at the whipping post!!!

I'm telling you, pictures and words could not describe all of the heartfelt things we witnessed that day. What a glorious time!

And I will have to return with Orlando Part 2....Capital One Bowl Game/Seven Years of Marriage!!!

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