Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Blogging takes the backseat!

So, since school has been out, and hubby was off work a couple of days last week, blogging has definitely taken the backseat!!! And boy, how I have enjoyed our time together!!! Unfortunately, I have very few pictures of any of this time, I was so caught up in the moments, I guess the camera was somewhere in the backseat too!!! Hopefully, everyone's Christmas was full of the love, mercy, and hope of Jesus, and family fun too! I am also very excited about spending a long weekend with hubby in Orlando at the Capital One Bowl Game(our anniversary is 01-01!)!Be back soon!

Noah on Pajama Day on the last day of school before the Christmas break!

Noah with cousins on Christmas Day!

I went to Midnight Mass with my mom and some of my family, and was totally jealous of my niece's new jacket!!! (This pic is at 1:05 am, Christmas!)

Me, Mother-n-law, Hubby, and Lum at Christmas Day with cousins! My niece inspired me to wear my houndstooth too! And who knows what Lum is doing!

And our cool anniversary present from my folks!!! Can't wait!

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