Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Gingerbread Train

Hello Everyone!!!

I hope you are having a wonderful Christmas season.

We have been so busy around here.......and, in case any one hasn't heard yet, we found out that in August 2011, Noah will be a big brother!!!!

So, I am definitely trying to "savor" the moments I have with "just Noah" as this is his 7th Christmas of just him! Of course, I am very thankful and excited that there will be someone else here next year, I just hope Noah adjusts too!!!

Anyway, my mom had bought Noah this little set a couple of weeks ago, and yesterday, as it was the official beginning of school vacation, we decided to try it.

He was very excited!

I put the pieces together, but he put all of the candy on it, and all in patterns!!! That's my boy!
Beside the train there is a "N," ya know, for Noah!

He also wanted to personalize the backside of the caboose!!!

Merry Christmas, and more about "the baby" real soon!!!

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