Monday, January 10, 2011

7 years and a bowl game

January 1, 2004, we became Mr. and Mrs. Derrick L. Givens....

.....and 7 years later, we went to the Capital One Bowl game to see our Tide play, and WIN!!!!
We had a dadgum blast, pregame, during the game, after the game. It was an enjoyable day, around 75 degrees and breezy!!!
Here we are when we first arrived around 10 am.

We happened to be at the right places at the right times because we got to see the band come through, followed by the cheerleaders and BIG AL!!!

I was so excited that I was jumping around and shouting......over a big stuffed elephant!!!

Little did I know what, or maybe I should say who, my eyes would see next...

That's!!! Led in by an ALABAMA State Trooper, and followed by the players!!! So exciting! Please notice behind coach, behind the Orlando officer, over to the right, the annoying Michigan State fan. She was awful. The whole time we were cheering, led by OUR cheerleaders, and OUR band, she was shouting, Go Green, Go White. Well, I hope she had a nice 18 hour ride back to Michigan singing Rammer Jammer Yeller Hammer!!!
Anyway, I met some other nice people.....

Let me just say these are real tatoos. And this is also probably where someone wearing green walked by and said, "Where are you guys from?" To which we replied, "Up round Alabamer!!!"
And, of course I have a thousand pictures from the game, including the scoreboard at the end (and once at half-time, just in case that team from the first half left like they did in the past!), I'll not bore you with those.

I'll just end it with, although we were exhausted, it was our anniversary,
and we saw a local steakhouse the day before that we were excited about trying, only to find it closed on New Year's Day, so Logan's to the rescue!

"You had me at Roll Tide!"


  1. Happy 7 years! looks like yall had a blast!
    I would love to go to a sec game one day! Jakes a Bama fan and Im an Auburn fan! And we would love to get tickets for either game.. we would go and cheer on either team! Where did yall buy yours from?

  2. Heather---these tickets were an anniversary gift!!! But, we usually go to one Bama game a year. My mom's boss is in the Alumni, and we get the tickets from him!