Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Everyday life....Bass Pro Shops

So, this past weekend, I found a little lost energy, and with coupon and gift card in hand, I talked D into taking me and Noah to Bass Pro Shops, and somewhere along the way, we picked up little Anthony, my nephew!
Doesn't Anthony looked thrilled to be with us?!?!?!
Anthony: "See the fish Uncle Deck, See the fish Noah?"

And of course, we found the toy section.....Anthony was not impressed by this video game.....
.....but he quickly found something he might like.
Anthony: "Look Uncle Deck, Pow-pow!"
And the boys enjoyed the elevator ride too.Then we found some woodland creatures...And we even took a rest.
All in all, we ended up with a pow-pow and Whitetailopoly(which is awesome!!!) and we headed out to the penny creek!
Anthony wanted to put the pennies in his pocket, but he caught on pretty quick!

Then we took the old Chevy out for a spin....Next was a little chorus of "I'm hungry!"
So, we decided on Burger King.........they waited so patiently!!!

And I think it was worth it!!!
We had a wonderful afternoon together, and then, it was on to naptime for everyone, after a round of Whitetailopoly!!!

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