Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Waverly Tennessee

On May 21, 2010, Noah B. Givens headed to Waverly, TN with his MeMe and Poppy, and on May 28,2010, we decided to go ourselves and join him and them for a week!!! I really didn't think D was going to let him go, but he did, and Noah had a blast. As for us, I stayed very busy with the garden, the flower beds, and the housework, D worked a bunch, and MeMe and Poppy are exhausted!!!

So, we surfed in the creek some! The creek was totally changed due to the flooding. The whole town, and surronding areas were pretty sad. Wet, moldy wood, sheetrock, and insulation was at the end of every driveway. MeMe and Poppy were blessed that their creek only came to the back of their house, and went back as quickly as it rose!

Little did I know that we would end up in Paris....Paris Tennessee that is!

And after Paris, we, being the world travelers we are, went to Kentucky to a little town called Horse Cave, where they have a cave and family park called Kentucky Down Under.It has lots of animals, including Kangaroos, and Noah loved it! And don't forget the cave tour, where we were told, "DO NOT TOUCH THE ROCKS!!!"
There are always two in our group who do not follow instructions!!!

I could never post all 561 pictures I took during the week, but I wish I could! It's really a very neat place, if you're ever in the area. The below picture is of Derrick and Noah petting a spoiled kangaroo!

Then it was on to something else....like Dinosaur World!
And, Noah has asked us every day since, when can we go to dinosaur world again!!!
As we were walking down the trail, which consisted of over 100 life size dinosaurs in the woods, Noah, the tour guide, led us like this...
"We are on a dinosaur journey. Many years ago, dinosaurs lived on the earth, with volcanoes!!!"
He's very observant to say the least!

I have spared you from all of the dinosaur pictures that our little guide insisted I take, but I did think it was neat that he got to dig for fossils and keep three of his favorites. Of course, he picked three teeth from a real "Sharp Tooth Dinosaur!"
And finally, after more relaxing, a little shopping, and a work day at the creek, we felt we deserved a nice trip out to eat for our last day with MeMe and Poppy, so we headed up to Clarksville (which also had massive flooding from the Cumberland River) to Logan's for some nice, juicy steaks!

So long Tennessee....until next time!