Friday, June 18, 2010

Another gardening update!

Just thought I'd give a little update on our little garden!
This is the other part of being a farmer that Mr. Noah loves!!!
So far, we have been enjoying plenty of cucumbers, beans, and weeds!!!
I can pull weeds everyday, and it still looks like the amazon forest of Alabama. But next year, I will be better prepared. This is our first garden, so I am learning as I go, and teaching Noah what little bit I do know!
I am very proud to announce that we have our first cantaloupe!
Noah wanted to pick it and eat it so bad.

Here are the beans, along with the tomato plants along the back of the fence. So far, no tomatoes. But it shouldn't be too much longer. When you plant from seeds, and into pots, it takes a while apparently.

Meanwhile, we have been enjoying lots of fresh green beans!

We have also been enjoying an overflow of cucumbers!!! We planted the pickleing cucumbers, just in case I got brave enough to make some dills, but so far, we have just been enjoying cucumber salad! (Which by the way, is easy and delicious...just peel and slice your cucumbers, and add a little mayo and a little lemon juice, and be sure to salt it!) One of D's uncles does lots of gardening and canning, maybe he could help me sometime!
Anyway this is our cucumber bush! It's actually like 5 plants, 3 from the pot, and two in the ground!

And of course, our cantaloupe bush!

And let's not forget Noah's carrots!

Does that thumb have a hint of green on it?!?!?!

Maybe from pulling the weeds! haha!

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  1. Try putting hay around the plants if you have access to any. It helps keep the weeds out and the moisture in. I learned that little tidbit this year.