Sunday, June 13, 2010

Down on the Farm

Welcome to a little farm off of Bakersville Road up in Tennessee! Mr. Wayne and Mrs. Brenda are friends of MeMe and Poppy, and they were nice enough to have us over for a day, so that we could see the animals. It was a fun day, but it was sad, because they had 3 feet of water in their house less than a month before, and they had a mess! But I am so thankful that they opened their home and yard to us, Noah didn't want to leave!!!

We were greeted to the farm by this furry fellow!!!

And by this poor guy, who only his momma could love!!!
This barn shows the flood line from the month before. This barn used to be where Mrs. Brenda raised and cared for animals, as well as took in found and injured animals. Now it's full of debris and garbage. They also had two freezers out there, and both were flipped over and empty after the flood. Meet Lucy. I was scared of her, Noah didn't want her to be out of his site!
He loved her!
Oh, and don't forget the goats, and yes, that is a goose head you see poking up! He lost his mate in the flood, and has been free roaming with the goats ever since!
Mrs. Brenda and Mr. Wayne also have a beautiful view from their front porch!
And beautiful flowers!
And a country kitchen worth mentioning!

I do hope we can go back within a couple of months, and hopefully they will have a floor, and a bed, and walls from the waist down!

And of course, this trip helped confirmed one of Noah's many wishes for adulthood....,"Mom, I really want to be a farmer!!!"

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  1. Looks like a fun trip! I still want to be a farmer when I grow up!