Wednesday, June 16, 2010


While going through the 561 pictures I took while on vacation, I found a few that really tickled my funny bone! I thought it'd be fun to share them!
First we have a wonderful D Givens family picture, with the wonderful Poppy as a background!!! Then there is Noah's lovely rendition of "winking!"

This one needs no introduction...see for yourself!!!

Here we have the "sheep sitting upright," or as I like to call him the "sheep with manners!"

Here is another one that needs no introduction!

This was a very comforting sign at the welcome center at the Kentucky state line!!! (While it is sad, and heartfelt, I just thought it was kinda ironic!)

Here's another family portrait for the mantle!

And a real nice "mother-n-son" memory!And, who could forget this little guy from my last post?!?!?!