Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Vacation Part 6: Cartersville GA

So, almost wrapping this vaca up....thanks for your patience, and for bearing with me!

I do have some other posts to share soon that are not vacation related....I promise!!!

Derrick has family in the Atlanta area who we do not see often, and while we were in Chattanooga, I felt like we should look them up and get together! I will not be that close to family and not try to get together, blood is thicker than water. So, I contacted our cousin to find out what's what, and she suggested this place. We had such a lovely day!

Aunt Marian (married to D's dad's brother!), Derrick, and cousin Laurie!

 This was my first time meeting cousin Laurie and the first time our children met! It was so exciting!

We've been in touch over the internet, but it was so good to meet her! If any of you know me well, or have read this long, family is a top priority for me!

The museum had tons of gorgeous artwork, but I wanted to post just our family fun this time....maybe another post of just western art!

After touring all of the art, the museum offered a hands-on area for the children....and ALL of them got to play!!!!

Noah, Lily Claire, and Sam!

By all of them got to play, I mean ALL!

Even Nicky Brees liked cousin Laurie and the horsey!
 If you are ever near Cartersville, please stop in! I fell in love with downtown!
Noah, Sam, and Derrick!

Lily Claire, Sam, Noah, and Nicholas

Just us 4....the proof I went on vacation with those boys! ha!

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  1. So glad that you contacted us about getting together! Hopefully we can do it again!