Thursday, July 26, 2012

Figgy Jelly

"And bring us some figgy pudding jelly!!!"

This is a simple and inexpensive way to make use of an abundance of figs, and I am sharing it just in case you don't know about it!!!

One of our neighbors called me on a Saturday morning, and asked would I care for some figs. I said bring them on, and buddy did she!!!

And this jelly recipe has been a big hit with the family.  I give it to them as I go, and occasionally for Christmas gifts here and there. They make lovely hostess gifts!


Ya need this! Not the coffee, it just made the picture!

And ya need these!

Here's the recipe in my very best handwriting (scribbling while Mom was telling me over the phone and I never recopied it!).

The recipe leaves out the part about pull the stems off the figs, and blend the figs (without the stems!) in the blender!!!
That's where it says "3 c. figs (blender)!!!

Here's the figs, sugar, and jello on the stove!

And wa-la! After I pour the jelly in the jars, I use a smidge of melted wax to seal each jar, and screw on the lids. If I use them as gifts, I put the appropriate fabric, ribbon, and name tag on them!!!

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