Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Ride Home

This one is short and sweet....

After our busy last day in Chattanooga, we decided that rather than drive straight home the next day, we would detour, to Decatur, AL, where Derrick was born, and visit a dear friend there, who used to babysit Derrick and his sister.

So while heading that way, we were shocked to come across this....
Making it big time!

Proof that I was here too!
 Poor Nicholas didn't make the pictures, because he was snoozin'...and you never wake a sleepin' baby, even for Hollywood!!!

And, I of course, had to take the Fireman by the station. The guys there were telling us that Hollywood, CA actually sued Hollywood, AL for the name rights, and it turns out Hollywood, AL was first!!!
The real funny thing is, our local firefighters who know Derrick from classes and such, nicknamed him "Hollywood!"

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