Tuesday, March 8, 2011

What happens in Fairhope.....

....stays in Fairhope, but not this time!!!
About every week or sometimes every other week, I go visit my Na-Na at her apartment in Fairhope. She's lived there most of her life, with the exception of Montgomery and Iowa, and she can tell you a story about every house on every street just about it!
I love when she shows me places that she or her sister have lived, and it's kinda sad to think that they are both widowed and have retreated to the apartments (they each have their own 1 bedroom unit!). Either way, she's been begging me to bring Noah, so yesterday, when our schools closed for Mardi Gras, we headed on over!
She wasn't there when we got there, she was running late at work; yes, she's "elderly" and she works 25-30 hours a week as a cashier! No rest for the weary!

So, we decided to head to the fish pond, and feed them some old bread.
Then she pulled in and said, "Come on, I am starving!" She asked Noah where he wanted to go, and he said, "Burger King!" She said, "Ok, have it your way!" haha

So, we stuffed our faces, and NaNa asked Noah, "Where do you want to go next?" He said, "No where." I said, "NaNa, take us where you want to go!"
Who knew that would be Fels Avenue Park?!?!?!
That's the same park where she took her own girls (one of them my mother!), and when I would stay weekends with her and PawPaw when I was little, they would take me there!!! Actually, I think she'd be at work, and PawPaw would take me there, right after we had coffee at Julwin's. Anyway, now, NaNa wanted to take Noah there!
My PawPaw built the bench NaNa is sitting on! He was with the Kiwanis Group.

There have been a couple of new additions since I was little, and I'd hope a lot of up-keep since my mother went there (uh.hum), but there were still some of my favorite things there too!
And Noah really liked looking through this real telescope!

After playing for about 1 1/2 hours, we left, because NaNa had bigger and better things on her mind!!!

This was a real surprise, and a little of a sacrifice-----after all, my NaNa had left for work at 5:30 am, got off at 11:15 am, took us to Burger King, and Fels Avenue, then drove around Downtown Fairhope during Mardi Gras crowds to make sure we got to go here! If you've never been to Downtown Fairhope during the Mardi Gras holidays, DON"T!!!! haha. People were dadgum everywhere! But, NaNa wanted to make sure Noah got to go to one of "her" favorite places!!! That's more like it! Oh, and I had a coupon! She used to own an Ice Cream Parlor before I was born, and she sold it when I was a little Tiff, and I told her if they'd kept it, we'd be rich!!! After we got our treats at Mr. Gene's Beans, they were lined up out the door!!!

Anyway, we enjoyed ourselves greatly, and made our way back to the apartments, on the way, NaNa showed me yet another place where someone has lived, this time it was Aunt Betty (her sister!) , and I think sometime (not Mardi Gras) I should have her start on one side of the town, and we'll work our way to the other, and I'll be snapping pictures of all of the history of my family!

Here's Noah with Aunt Betty and NaNa. Both of these old mares aren't what they used to be, but Noah made sure he stayed right with them both! He really does have a tender heart. And I know both of these ladies will be talking about this visit for the next few days anyway, till they forget!!!! Like I said, they aren't what they used to be!

And finally, while NaNa and I sat at the pond again, Noah found a friend with a fishing pole, he'd caught three, and he said if he'd caught another one, he'd let Noah reel it in, but no luck....it was too chilly. And, don't worry, although they were filleting size, he threw back his three, after gently removing them from his hook!

Until next time, when what happens in Fairhope, will stay in Fairhope!!!

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