Wednesday, March 9, 2011

We need more school holidays!

Although we do not go to Mardi Gras, we are quite thankful for the 2 days out of school we get as a result of it!!!
As if our trip to Fairhope wasn't a treat enough, when I mentioned to Derrick that our neighbor was coming over Tuesday, he said, "Take them to see the Chuckster!!!"
So, that's what we did!
Before we left, I asked the kids to let me get a good picture of them.
Here's what we got!

Noah said, "Mom, I was fussin' because she wouldn't stop touching me!"
I sure hope to hear that ten years from now!

And seeing the Chuckster for us means crossing the State Line!
But before we cross it, we always pass this church. Derrick's Paw-Paw was the Pastor for umpteen thousand years! You know I love family ties, and thought it would be fitting to post this part of our heritage. And they've really fixed it up nice.

Anyway, after the longest ride ever for two 6 year olds, we made it!

Here was Noah a.k.a. Lebron's favorite game!
And Maddie was really good at this one...

And even I hit a jackpot or two...

They also liked to ride the rides!
And do the Cupid Shuffle with Chuck.

And of course, when the free tickets went to flyin', the kids went to catchin'!!!
We even got Chuck to say Cheese!
And he showed me some love too!

Then we had pizza!

We redeemed our 780 tickets, and went on our way, making a few stops on the way home, including an important one for an IceDream Cone!

We need more school holidays, but I might need more "back to school days!"

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