Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Quickie---field trip and photo shoot!

This will be quick, as my camera batteries died (all three sets I had) but I did want to share a little about a field trip we went on, then some pictures Mr. Noah insisted upon!
First up, Sea, Sand, and Stars is Orange Beach Elementary's Science Dept./Museum. Really, it's hard to believe it's in our same school district.
Anyway, we were lucky enough to get to visit the Science and Nature Center that has lots of natives from our neck of the woods.

If you live where I live, I know you've seen him...

...and him!
And the teacher showed us more....
Then let us touch....see Noah listening to the ocean!

He and Conner were both drenched from almost "diving" into the touching pool!

Here's Mrs. Parsons, Noah's teacher, showing Noah and some classmates what she likes in the water!
Then they had a fish tank, a planetarium, and we had a picnic at the beach, and played frisbee....all while all 3 sets of my batteries were dead! But we had a great time either way!

The next day, I asked Noah if he'd take my picture, along with my belly, and he said, "Ok mom, but what about pictures of me?!?!" How could I resist?!?

He said this flag is his favorite place in our yard...hehehe!

The apple tree and it's farmer .....
...and a close up!

And a couple of mom and baby-19 weeks!

See.....told ya that'd be quick! Be back soon with more!

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