Sunday, April 11, 2010

Just a few things new!!!

We had a wonderful Easter around here, and we are absolutely enjoying spring....and all of the things new!!!
I just wanted to share a few pictures and random thoughts.

The Easter bunny bring very little around here, due to the fact that the emphasis is on Jesus, not a bunny. The "hot item" this year was a Toy Story handheld game!!!

Turns out that Noah is quite the little cake artist.
That is a giraffe, and a little boy named Noah with blue eyes, and "yellow" hair. Mr. Noah is very "artsy craftsy!"

Noah insisted this year that he needed to plant carrot seeds. He doesn't like carrots a whole lot, but he said he'd eat the ones he grows. There will be more to come in the upcoming weeks about our "garden!" Look for that post soon.

And I'll leave you with this....

Have you hugged a Llama today?!?!?

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