Sunday, April 18, 2010

The garden

For the past couple of years, I have been wanting to plant a small garden. Nothing huge, just a few rows, ya know, enough to show Noah the process of growth. This year, Noah has talked nonstop about wanting to plant carrots. Why? I have no idea, because he absolutely refuses to eat them!!!
We really don't have anywhere for a garden to grow. Our dog terrorizes the back yard as it is, so that's definitely out. And I didn't really want it out front. So, we dedided to plant our garden in pots!!! We have cherry tomatoes, big tomatoes, garden beans, cantaloupe, pickling cucumbers, and of course, carrots!!!
And I honestly did not think anything would grow. Not because we are doing anything wrong. I just thought that it'd take weeks for sprouts, and by then Noah would have given up. Well, he has done the opposite! He wants to check on his garden all day long!!!

Above are our beans and cukes, only 2 weeks old!!!
And I am thinking....not bad!!!

Well, once Derrick saw how dedicated we were, and he knew how much I wanted a garden, he finally surprised me with a solution!!!
There is a little corner of our yard that we figured out a way to section off, and Derrick had his friend from work come over and till it up for me!!!
And my uncle agreed to come over this week and put up a small fence and gate, rather than the plywood that you see here, so I planted away!!!
Yes, that is a Thomas the Train toy in one row. It serves a purpose!!!
Stay tuned for more on this, the progress of it, and our gated fence!!!

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  1. How fun! We don't have anywhere to plant a garden. :-( I grow herbs in the small sunny area that we do have. I've looked into plots at our local community gardens and they all have waiting lists. Can't wait to see your progress!