Thursday, April 1, 2010

It's time...

A great man that I went to church with passed away this week, and a memorial was held for him yesterday. The song Beulah Land was sung, as it is at many funerals and memorials. One line has been in my head ever since, and I can't stop thinking about it.

Beulah Land
I'm kind of homesick for a country
To which I've never been before.
No sad goodbyes will there be spoken
for time won't matter anymore.
Beulah Land, I'm longing for you
and some day on thee I'll stand.
There my home shall be eternal.
Beulah Land -- Sweet Beulah Land
I'm looking now across the river
where my faith will end in sight.
There's just a few more days to labor.
Then I will take my heavenly flight.
It says "time won't matter anymore."
That's so hard for me to comprehend. Everything, but everything, is determined by time. Time to get up, time to go to work/school, time to eat, day time, night time, time to clean, time to blog....
Anyway, time is an essential part of everyday. It is what seperates days.
And the song clearly tells me that there is a better place where it just won't matter anymore.
This isn't such a cutesy-wutesy post. It's more of a "what I'm feeling now" kinda thing.
It also says "no sad goodbyes will there be spoken!" That's pretty exciting news too! Too many times I have had to say good bye, and it's never easy. A couple of times, I didn't know it would be the last good bye. That's really not easy. But I am happy to know that it's not really the last good bye. There will be a glad reunion day!!!
I guess I'm just excited about two new things. I have always known this song, and these facts, but it's just exciting to be reminded that one day it will be forever and ever!!!

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