Monday, July 13, 2009

Todays thoughts.

This past weekend was fun and busy. Friday, I went and got my sister's kids for Noah to play with. Then my mom came and got them, and Noah for a sleepover! So, Derrick and I, with an evening to ourselves, spent our precious time together.....spraying our lawn with 2 4 D, which is weedkiller! Really though, he and I both really enjoy the yard, so it was fun. Then Saturday, we had a meeting a church for Children's church. It was long, and honest, but it got a lot of misunderstandings cleared up, and a lot of needed communication. Noah had a birthday party Saturday afternoon, a school friend of mine's little boy. Noah had a blast. I almost didn't go, because I was so tired and my mind was racing from said meeting, but I am so glad I did. Then yesterday, my favorite day, was super. My toddler class ran smoothly. I even had a new kid! Lunch was good. Praise practice was good. Revival was AWESOME!

First the first Monday in a long time, my head does not hurt. I am not still so tired and stressed from my weekend. I felt the refreshing of God in my spirit last night. It was then that I realized that it's probably not healthly to miss so many church services. Even though I am at church, doing the toddler class, I have not been fed that much myself. Tonight we have revival again. I will be in church again. After that, I will miss an entire month of Sunday mornings and Tuesday nights. I'll still have Sunday nights in church. But, I now see the importance of having all services just the way we do. I love my church, my church family, and most importantly, I love my God. He is so good. We have Kids Krusade this weekend. I am super excited about this. I am actually offering something for the toddlers as well. The theme of Kids Krusade is CSI-Christ Scene Investigations. The theme for the toddlers is God Keeps His Promises-The Story of Noah's Ark. Imagine that....Noah's Ark...who came up with that I wonder?!?!?! Can't wait to see what God has in store for His people.

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