Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Derrick had our house built in the fall of 1999. The next summer, he planted banana trees all along our back deck. They never produced any bananas. We married in Jan. 2004, and that September, we spotted a little bunch of tiny bananas on one of the trees. We were so excited, and figured in another week or two, the bananas would be ready to pick. One week after our great discovery, Hurricane Ivan came and took care of our bunch of bananas for us. We still have all of the trees, but never any bananas. Last Friday, when Derrick and I were spraying the yard, we found what looked to be the beginnings of another bunch of bananas, on the same tree even!!! We were again super excited. Today, I walked outside to find this.

I'm pretty sure I have found the guilty party!!! Thanks Buddy Boy. Thanks.

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