Monday, July 20, 2009

Just a few thoughts...

I love the ESPYS. This is the fan-voted ESPN sports awards. It was on last night, we missed the beginning due to church, but after we got home, it was on! I understood all of the little jokes and clips and all. I remembered all of the highlighted plays (except for the hockey ones), and that made the show so enjoyable. I know nothing about movie stars, TV stars, music stars, etc. but give me the Steelers, Kobe Bryant, Michael Phelps, Evan Longoria, the Williams sisters....the list goes on and on...I know them all!!! When my husband and I married 5 years ago, I didn't have a clue. I knew Bama football, but that was it. Shockingly, there are other teams and sports!!! So I chose to like them, and I feel it's kept down a lot of friction. And sports are enjoyable to watch. Sometimes my blood pressure goes sky high, but hey....that's the fun!!! Big thanks to ESPN for putting on such a show!!!

I recently saw something that really made my day on a friend's Facebook page. An old friend of mine just got her own place. She put all the pictures of her new apartment on her page. Well, in one of the pictures is a bookshelf, and on one of the shelves is an old picture of us from high school. After I graduated (a year before her), she and I kinda lost touch. She started hanging out with this girl who I just couldn't take, and so the friend, wrote me a letter saying that she didn't want to be my friend anymore. Still and all, for about 6 years, we haven't really talked. I have ran into her a few times. She came to my wedding, and baby shower, and my 19th birthday party, and my little boy's first birthday, but that was it. And all of that was 4-5 years ago. But, after all of this time, I still earned a place on her bookshelf. I have two comments about this friend. First, of all of the people in this whole wide world, no one, and I mean no one, shows the love of Jesus like this girl. I mean the pure love of Jesus. The love in 1 Corinthians 13. The love that even I don't understand. No matter what I did, she never judged me or got mad at me, she remained the same to everyone. She treated everyone this way. I use the past tense because I haven't been in contact with her, but I am sure she is still this way. Her parents did a superb job. Second, since the day I moved in with my husband (after our honeymooon), I have always, ALWAYS, had a picture of me and her on my dresser in our room!!! Derrick always asks me why do I still have that picture of the girl who I just haven't stayed in touch with, and I tell him just because. I couldn't have imagined my life without her. I have tried writing her letters, I may have even called a couple of times earlier on. I e-mailed her sometimes, and contacted her on Myspace and Facebook, but it just hasn't worked. We are at two different places right now. She's miss independant, has a boyfriend, has a job, etc., I have a home, husband, and son. It's just different now. But, I was so amazed that I was not forgotten. Thanks J.P.

And, finally, I wanted to say that Kids Krusade at our church went great!!! It was our childrens pastor's first time doing one, and she left out a few things that needed to be done, but I think that right now, she knows that. You learn by doing. And not a whole lot of people were lining up offering to help. It was just me and her setting it all up. At the Krusade itself, we had lots of help, the same ole people, but they are good and helpful people. I just hope they don't turn out to be burnt out people. Either way, I think all things considered, it went great. And of course, I was so happy to have my toddlers. Our church encourages people to follow their ministry. They do not hold people back, or hinder people from anything they feel is of the Lord. Our pastor and his wife both support every person in that church. It's amazing to me. I thank God for our church. Wait, that's His church. I thank God for it!

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