Friday, September 14, 2012

Try, Try Again!!!!

Many people who read this know, my little one turned 1 back in August. For his summertime birthday bash, we were excited to have a little splash party. We had small pools set up, we had water guns, water balloons. I kept looking through all of the Dollar Stores for more inexpensive water toys that would be fun for toddlers, but didn't really find much....I suppose summer was close to ending, and most everything was sold out. Then one night when I was reading a magazine that my grandmother graciously sent me, I spied this article:

So, I figured how hard could this be?!?!? I will just make a few of these with cheap sponges, and I can even blog about it later! It will be the hit of the party, I mean that child in the magazine clipping is obviously having fun!!! I bought a pack of sponges at Fred's for $1.00, and I get a hook up on dental floss anytime I need it.....ask my mother!!!
See my version: 
First cut each sponge in half.

Then cut the halves in half.

Wad up several of these strips in twist in the middle.

Tie them with dental floss.


I'd love to show you how much of a hit they were at the party.....but unfortunately, most of them I made fell apart before they ever hit the water!!!! hahaha!!!!
However, the birthday boy did find some use for the pieces!
That's his birthday cigar!

Cutie patootie!!!!
So now, even after my failed attempt with these, I have still been over on Pinterest looking at some neat ideas for DIY activities ranging from home decor to party, maybe I can post some of those attempts as well!!!! With better luck next time!!!


  1. awe... it was a good idea.. maybe if you use fishing line it might stay together better. I might try to make some with fishing line. Cause they look like they would be super fun and cheap! Share all your pinterest projects =] Im gonna start sharing some of my DIY fun crafty things too =] So much fun! =] Love your background too! Super cute! =]

  2. Hey -- cute idea, though!!! I love the pic of Nicholas with it hanging out of his mouth. Looks like a french fry! I love Pinterest! I could be on there for hours!

  3. Thanks ladies!!! I actually didn't get this from Pinterest, but I do love to Pin!!! I am not too crafty, but I am anxious to try quite a few things from there!

    Heather....I look forward to reading your stuff!

    Laurie.....what have you pinned and tried?!?!? Do share....I know you are crafty!

  4. Sadly, most of my pins are food related! Ha! I've pinned a few crafts, just haven't found the time to get around to doing anything. *I forgot the word "no" when the back to school volunteer sign up sheets went around! :-)