Friday, September 28, 2012

It was a FAIR time...

Ain't nothin' like a good ole county fair to welcome fall!!!!
Noah looks forward to the fair all year long, saving every penny he can for games and rides. And it rarely disappoints him!!!
 Grammy volunteered(not exactly how that happened!!!) to watch Nicky Brees, Daddy was at a firefighters' meeting, so Noah and Mama got to do some quality bonding this year.....along with a few others.
First, we ran into a friend from Noah's football team. They spent some time together off the field!!!

Then some of our family started to arrive.....see Anthony, and Felicity? And her friend Anna?
Aunt Richie was there too!!! This was Anthony's first ride at his first fair!!!
See our bonding?!?
Oh, and these 2 showed up also!!! Say hello to Aunt Tiffany and Austin!
Noah was a stinkin' doll with Anthony, taking him around and showing him everything, and even making sure he measured up......and sweet Anthony seemed OK with it!!!

Boys wanted to ride this dragon.....and boy, did they pick a car with a pretty name!!!

See the name now?!?

Two sisters on their first fair ride together!!!!

Here's the gang.....minus the photographer.......oh, and see how Uncle Rod came too?!?

Oh, there's the photographer/Mom/Aunt T
  This year, I also decided after much careful thought, to not try to tote my camera around, for fear of it tearing up or getting lost, so I only had my cell phone camera as an for these next few, they are blurry, but cute.
He was happy to be on his favorite ride, the Starship, or as we used to call it, the Gravatron.
This is another one of Noah's old favorites....he had such a good time.
This one is super blurry, but Aunt T taught Anthony to ride with his hands in the air!!!
Here's Tiffany, yours truly (looking like my mother), and Richie Lou. We even got to have a little fun on some other rides without the kiddos, thanks to Uncle Rod!!!

 Finally, at the end of the night, as the dust was settling, Noah finally got to play his beloved games....and he made out pretty well!!!
That's a picture, a stuffed puppy (he gave it to his lil bro!), a red ball, a Bama basketball, a $100 bill, and not one but 2 goldfish!!!

 And, as always, all good things must come to an cannot describe the fun we had that night......and we'll always have fun fair memories!!!
Guarding his Benjamin!!!

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  1. i love the fair too! Cant wait til it comes to Mobile.. Love getting cotton candy too! =] Could do without the HUGE crowds but its a fun time!