Wednesday, January 4, 2012

What a time!!!

December came and went....just like that! We had so much fun, with so much family!

I've posted just a few pictures from the month, just a brief recap.

In no particular order....

This is Noah and Nicholas, on Christmas Day!

This is Noah at church, playing the part of a shepherd.....D, Nicholas, and I were Joseph, Jesus, and Mary, but I neglected to get any pictures!!!!

Here's Derrick and Noah shooting hoops with the new Lebron James basketball left Noah...

...that goes with the new goal Santa left him also!

Nicholas was delighted to get a swing for out in the yard from Santa!

I joined Mom at Midnight Mass again this year (Dad was there too!) and here's our annual 1 am on Christmas photo, after Mom played the organ for an hour and a half!

My brother, sister, and I got together and made pictures of our kids for Mom and Dad for are a few of them!!!

My sister's kids are in Saints attire, my brother's little boy in Bama outfit, and of course our boys in their Bama gear!!!

We celebrated my mother-n-law's birthday, 12-23!!!

Sat up like a big man and watched some football with the guys!

Got together with D's folks to take pictures also!

And enjoyed time together....just the four of us!!!!

And I have been reading many "New Year Resolution" blogs and facebook updates....well, here I go with mine!!!

1. Simplicity. I am tired of always bending over backwards to be at every event, every party, and to make everyone else happy, at the loss of my own family. Many times, I have been known to be superwoman, even if it means my kids or hubby has to sacrifice. Not anymore! I'm not just going to be an old shrew, but I sure am going to tone it down a little. It's just not worth it! Less is more!

2. Organization. I used to be really organized, but when you put packrat Derrick, packrat Tiffany, and packrat Noah in one house, that one house is overflowing with "stuff." Derrick still has baseball caps from when he played little league (around 1978), clothes from high school (c/o 1989), and things from adult hood. I have stuff from high school (c/o 2003), stuff from my childhood (b'day cards from every year-born 1985), and stuff from when Noah was born that I can't part with (Noah's Ark gift bags?!?!). Noah wants to keep all arts and crafts he ever made (stuff from 4 years ago!) and all of his toys (saving for Nicholas!!!). Poor Nicholas doesn't even stand a chance!!! But, there has to be a neater way to hold on to our valuables, as well as having room for our "now" hobbies and things (legos, cross-stitching, Alabama memorabilia!)! And I'm gonna find out how this year!

3. Dedication. In most all things I put my hands to, I am faithful. But some of the most important things (the way I eat/exercise, tending to house work, following through on organization!!!) I tend to let those go. Like I said, it goes back to simplicity. If I didn't have so many unnecessary obligations, I'd be able to get the more important things taken care of. We'll see how it goes.

4. Routine. With two kids (one of them in school, and one being a baby!) it's more important now than ever to have a daily routine. I used to have a really good one when Noah was little, but after he got older, and started school, it dwindled down. Now, if I'm ever going to have time to do anything, time management will be the key! And I think that my children, and even my husband after a hard day at work, would appreciate a comfortable schedule, to establish peace and rest after the outside world of chaos! Again, we'll see.

5. God. I spend a part of every day praying and reading the Bible (most every day I read it!). But, I really want to make sure I sorta "keep this up" as well as add a little extra, because God deserves it. If He never does anything else for me ever again, he deserves my entire life. After all, all of this is His, we are just using it. I heard that a recent study conducted said that the average person prays less than one minute a day, and the average minister less than 3 minutes a day. Moses wasn't average, Noah wasn't average, David wasn't average, Daniel wasn't average, Jesus wasn't average, Paul wasn't average, and I sure don't intend to be average! It's the very least I can do for Him. And I want to be a better example in spreading the love of Jesus, not in a condemning way, but in a way that will make me salt and light.

6. And of course, as lots of my blogging friends mentioned, I would like to blog more. If you are still reading this, after all of the above mish-mash (everything after the pictures!) then you are a faithful reader who knows that I have good intentions. I remember when I first started this blog, I always had a creative outlet, which I mainly started to share events from our family with folks who don't live right here, or who would be interested in seeing it. But, again , back to resolution #3, after time, I just sorta let it go. Not on purpose. Just having two children and all of the things (refer to resolution #1) going on, I just haven't made time. But, I do feel I have things to share that could be helpful to others at time, cheerful to others at times, and maybe even, dare I say "interesting" to others at times. So until God tells me to quit, I will keep blogging along! Or, as my Na-Na asks, "Have you done any blops lately?!?!!?"

Also, I forgot to mention, Derrick and I just had our 8th wedding anniversary on 01-01-12!!! We didn't celebrate it yet because our whole family has had the crud...even baby Nicholas had RSV! So when everyone feels better, we will probably spend a day together, or maybe just sit around and have a movie day. It's so hard for me to believe that I am old enough to have been married for 8 years! But I am thankful for all 8 of them! I have a wonderful husband, and he has been blessed....right?!?!?!?

Here's to 2012!!!

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  1. When you get all of your resolutions in line, will you come help me with mine? It's no big hurry cause it has to do with procrastination, and I can always work on that tomorrow. Tee hee!