Saturday, January 14, 2012

Tech support & another Championship!!!

It's 14 National Championships!!!

At some places they play football, at Alabama, we live it!!!
And, D had me at "Roll Tide" when he came home Tuesday with that Bama Girl shirt for me!!!

And, after coming up with some different blogging computer (a 12 year old desktop) went haywire (again!) and I became a little discouraged!!! I have been able to access several websites, at a very slow speed, but have not been able to sign in to my blog, or even get on google's website!!! Ugh! But, thankfully, I have a great tech support dear sweet brother and sister!!!

But, never fear, for next time I sign in, I'll be posting a regular post about a cute little basketball player Mr. Noah, and his team, The Wolverines!!!

And, please be in prayer about a couple of *big* decisions we have to make soon. We really need God's direction on a couple of things, including perhaps a different kinda blog, the kind that would pay a little...which would be awesome! And, I am also hoping to return back to school in the fall at Faulkner to finish out the degree I once started there, but I am torn between 3 majors, and I really need any financial aid I can get! We aren't poor by any means, but we live on one income, and have a family of 4, so ya know, it gets tight sometimes!!!

Thanks for the prayers! Be back soon!!!


  1. Even though I am an Auburn fan that Is such a Cute shirt! I also cheered for Bama on the national championship. Me and Jake arent like Crazy die hard fans for our teams but we love football and will cheer for each others teams if they arent playing against each other,,lol. =] (jake Alabama ,, me Auburn) =]

    1. Thanks Heather!!! Keepin' it in the state, right??? Roll Tide!