Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Thankful Tuesday-Homemaker Edition

Lots of times I feel like this.....

Try to look like and be this.....

But when I look at this....

I try to remember this!!!

Many people think that being a full time homemaker and stay at home mom is the easiest job around. "Oh she gets to sit around all day and do whatever she wants."

If only it were that easy.

But, I am honored and blessed to be given the opportunity to be a full time homemaker.

I am thankful to have a hard working husband, who works all day, then comes home, and sometimes helps our older son with his handwriting or homework, maybe even play outside a little bit, helps him get a shower, and helps him get ready for bed, all while helping me keep colicky baby boy from fussing. And not complaining one bit, or even looking for a thank you.

I am thankful to have family and friends who understand that not only do I have my sweet Noah to take care of, but now I have new baby Nicholas Brees to tend to also.

I am thankful to have sweet big brother Noah, who understands that when baby brother cries, he needs momma! Noah has been patient to say the least while we adjust to another family member. He makes me happy when skies are gray.

And I am thankful for baby boy Nicholas, who God has chosen to give us. While he can be a bit fussy at times, and seems to eat round the clock (yes, I'm nursing!), he is truly a blessing, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

So ya see, I have so much to thank HIM for!!!


  1. Well Said! I understand it all! What a wonderful job you are doing for the glory of the Lord:)