Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Crimson Tide Yacht....Part 1

I have mentioned in several posts that we got a boat earlier in the year. We refer to it as the Crimson Tide Yacht. It's actually our miracle boat, and over a series of posts, I will tell ya why!

Let's start at the beginning....a really good place to start!

Some of you may remember us going out on my parents boat at the start of the year.

If not, click here for a few more pictures like the one below!

Well, I had known ever since we got married that D has always loved the water, and everything to do with it, and one of his goals was to get a boat. A big big boat. After going that Saturday with my mom and dad earlier this year, he really begin working on me. "Wasn't that fun Tiffany?" "Did you see how much Noah enjoyed himself?" "Wouldn't that be something we'd want to do?" I told him that while I'd love a boat, it's just not in the budget. D is a very good breadwinner, but we had a baby on the way, one in 1st grade, and a mortgage!!! So, I just didn't see it, such little faith!

Then it happened.....

D comes home from work one Friday with "the news."

D: "Tiffany, I found us a boat!"

T: "I'm not getting a job!"

D: "You won't have to, a guy at work offered me his old boat for $150.00!"

T: "$150.00 a month?"

D: "$50.00 altogether!!! It's fully loaded too, wait till you see it! I mean, it needs a little work here and there, but's only $150.00."

So, he took off in his pickup and came back with the beauty. I'm inside cooking, he comes running in....."hurry, come see it...this thing's loaded!"

I took one look at that boat in my yard and my response was:

"D---you are loaded!!!"

By a little work here and there, D meant....

...some cleaning...

...a floor and seats.....

(That spare tire that was included is for a 5-lug, the trailer is a 4-lug!!!)

.....and a foot for a motor that may or may not work!!!!

And the worst part....the interior vinyl was all ORANGE!!! That color is not allowed for us, and if ya watch SEC football, you know why! ;)

So, of course, I asked had he already paid for it, and he said, no. The co-worker agreed to let us keep it for the weekend, make sure there were no leaks, and get estimates on parts.

Check back soon for part 2, and remember, I have so much to thank Him for!

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