Wednesday, September 21, 2011

First picture tells the story!!!

So busy that I am posting lots of stories in one. They could each use their own post, but let's make do!!!!

1.First up,this sweet girl celebrated her 13th birthday at our house!!!
It's hard to believe Miss Felicity Michelle is now a teenager!!!
You saw that right....she had a bass fish on her cake! See, she really is my niece!!!

And I wish you many many more!!!

2.Noah has been doing good in school, and when he's not there, he's outside....

having fun with family....
...and friends!

3. I had a doctors appointment in the same town where my grandmother lives, and we went to this awesome yogurt shop!!!

Check them out here!

You go in, pick your flavor(s) & topping(s), fix it yourself, then pay $0.45 an ounce, and enjoy!

That's Na-Na enjoying her yogurt.....see the lady with kiwi eyes behind Na-Na?!?

4. And what about baby Nicholas Brees???

He's quite a stinker, and a face maker. I may do a face maker post soon...don't hold your breath though!!!

And he's a little fussy.....especially at supper time! We make do!

^^^ Not the best picture^^^....

Daddy has had lots of overtime lately due to someone being fired, so my 1st grade photographer did this!!!

Nicholas likes this too!

5. We were sitting here Sunday afternoon, and someone knocked on our door. It was one of our sweet neighbors, and he asked Derrick to come out to the truck and look at something. I was nursing whistle-britches, so I remained inside. When D came back in, he had a box, and he asked me, "How old are baby's when they start eating baby food jars?" I told him I have no idea (I'm sure I have it in some reading material, but who has time for that!!!), and asked why did he need to know that. He then showed me what was in that box....

Our neighbor says they weren't home that afternoon, but when they got home, this box was on their porch!!! They have no idea why, unless someone thought they were leaving it for us. We haven't had anyone ask us about this, or offer it to us. Either way, it's a blessing that I was happy to get!!! There is a good mixture of fruit and veggies here, so that's good to get us started!!!

6. And again, I'll try not to wait so long again between posts, or at least give them each their own due. But, we'll have to see!!! I am excited about the next couple of weeks, it's fall!!! MY FAVORITE! Lots of football watching, birthdays, and cooler weather awaits!

7.I want to leave you with a's brief!

"Blessed be the Lord, who daily loadeth us with benefits, even the God of our salvation. Selah."-Psalms 68:19

Dake's sidenote of that says ,"God daily provides, supports, and upholds us with His own salvation."

I think that is marvelous!!!

Also, Ephesians 5:13:

"But all things that are reproved are made manifest by the light: for whatsoever doth make manifest is light."

In other words, things that you do that are wrong (or maybe good things, but with wrong intentions) will be seen one day. God will not allow secret sin to go on without shining a light on it! God is all knowing, He sees everyone and everything. I don't know why, but this has just been on my mind, and I felt lead to share it on here!

Ok, thanks for staying with me! Be blessed!

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